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Historically, this portion of the western region of the United States has had more problems with user groups and entitlement issues than any other location within the lower 48. The purpose of this event is to help these user groups (us!)get to know each other, learn how to work together, and do it while enjoying the outdoors and having a good time.


This is about getting along! The Get Along Triathlon will bring the three largest user groups together, get familiar with each other, have some fun and at the end of the day realize that we have a whole bunch in common in regards to outdoor recreation. We all enjoy the outdoors; share the same principals about protecting our environment for future generations and need to work together to protect our trail systems from being shut down. We need to end the conflict over use and maintenance of our trail systems while recognizing that we all have the right to enjoy outdoor recreation. Together we can accomplish great things!


There will be a page on the website to help Equestrian riders, Mountain Bike riders and Runners find teammates. This will be a great chance to meet new friends, get some diverse points of view and spend some time training before the event.


Please show up the afternoon/evening before the event as the race will begin promptly at 8:00 the next day.


There will be no registration available on race day, do it online… NOW would be a good time! Team and solo check-ins will be held the evening before the race at 7:00 PM.

Start Time: Auguest 25, 8:00am



Three member teams. Equestrian Riders will head out on the first leg of this 3 team category. The equestrian Rider well head out on a 25 mile double track ,single-track, fire road course.

Equestrian Rider comes in the runner we'll head out on a 13.2 Mile Trail Run.

When the trail Runner comes back in the mountain biker will head out on a 25 mile course.


Solo Category: (Ironman, Ironwoman)

For this category is recommended that you have Team support waiting in the pit area to handle your horse when you come in off the ride and head out on the Run.

This category will all go off the same time with the team category. You will do the exact same course as the teams.


All equestrian Riders. It's extremely important that you clean up after horse in a camping area. It's very important that all equestrians bring their portable Arena fencing with them to keep your horse contained as there are no facilities here at this Ranch for the horses.


All teams must pack out all the garbage and trash that you brought in. This is a pristine Ranch and it is private property. Ignorance, foul language, arguing, cheating or dumping or throwing trash on the course will not be tolerated in this event. Anybody that does not follow the rules will be asked to leave the premises immediately.



The Diamond S Ranch has plenty of potable water for the horses and for the athletes. The pasture areas you will be camping in is quite large and can accommodate well over 500 tractor trailers RVs or tent camping.

Camping is first come first serve.



This is a dog friendly Ranch. All dogs must be on a leash at all times. Please clean up after your animal.

BBQs: all barbecues must be propane not charcoal must be off the ground.


Camp Fires:

Diamond S Ranch will provide the fire pits. There are three very large camp fire pits .These are Community pits. This way you get to know each other communicate talk and have fun.


This event is about having fun even though there is first second and third placings in these categories I would like all of us to really enjoy ourselves and learn about each other.


Thank you,

Jim Northey

Northlander events.